About us

lmoCity is the result of the cooperation between experienced executives - entrepreneurs who are active in the field of marketing 
and service provision, in Local Government and in general in the wider Public and Private sector since 1985.

We have in our possesion two warehouses in Attica (Tavros area) and for installation in Kavalari, Thessaloniki. 
This allows us to meet the needs of our partners in a short time.

Our experience and clientele extends throughout the country and our relations with the Local Lords are long-standing, high quality and based on mutual trust.

Our products are capable of cover a wide range of needs in Greek municipality and abroad:  

• Waste management and related smart software
• Recycling promotion systems through experiential training seminars in central points of interest
 (squares, parks, festivals, schools, etc.)
• Urban equipment and urban regeneration (Internet of things, applications and software, smart spots, green spots, etc)
• Citizen and space security systems
• Consulting services
• Machinery & multi-machine project
• Playgrounds & Outdoor fitness equipment

The basic principles of our company are the implementation of the projects assigned to us with efficiency, perfection, 
immediacy and always with a focus on the customer.

With professional ethics, consistency and responsibility we provide comprehensive and reliable support for all available products 
and services through specialized workshops, staffed by experienced and specially trained technicians.



        face      https://www.facebook.com/elmocity 

        insta     https://www.instagram.com/elmo_city

        youtube    https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxkDkuAxCiLhbY5ZoH68Oag